In Skäralid there is the main entrance to Söderåsens National Park with Naturum. The park is northern Europe's largest continuous and protective area of noble forest. Here, hiking trails depart and here the most beautiful stage on Skåneleden passes "ridge to the ridge". Skäralid is an approximately 8-kilometer-long fracture valley and Kopparhatten's fantastic view has attracted visitors for decades. For those who wish, there are also guided tours in the park.

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Söderåsens Nationalpark

Destination Söderåsen


Klåveröds Strövområde


There are many lovely cycle paths on Söderåsen and the surrounding area. We have bicycles for hire and are happy to advise you on nice cycling tours. For those who prefer mountain biking, there are many choices of trails on Söderåsen. In the Klåveröd area there is a fairly challenging 5.3 km long MTB track.

Other activities

Canoeing in Rönne -

Cycling Dressin -

Horse riding -

Fishing in Lake Odense, Sorrödssjarna, Rönneå, Klåveröd.

Golf. The closest golf course is Ljungbyhed.

Tips on nice day trips

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