We conduct our business in a way that is as gentle as possible for the environment and that contributes to a sustainable development of Söderåsen as a tourist destination. We have also submitted the Swedish Tourist Association's "Sustainability promise".This promise is based on STF's sustainability policy, which works for “A Sweden where it is easy and inspiring for tourists to be sustainable”. The promise is about everything from source sorting and energy consumption to our contribution to a living countryside and how we can inspire you as a guest to live more sustainably.

Here are some concrete examples of what we do:

we have solar panels at the campsite's service house that heat the hot water.
we use environmentally friendly products.
we have low-flush toilets and showers.
we sort our waste at source and collaborate with Pantamera and the sports association where everything is taken care of and pledged.
we serve a largely organic breakfast buffet.
grocery shopping is done at the nearest local store to reduce transportation.
we cooperate with other traders in the area.