2 day hiking package in Söderåsen National Park - all inclusive

With packed lunch for the backpack you will discover the hiking trails in the Söderåsen National Park on your own or with a guide. See viewpoints like Kopparhatten and Hjortsprånget and make a visit to Naturrum. At a table at Skäralid's restaurant, enjoy a 3-course dinner with locally produced ingredients from Söderåsen. If you want the food delivered to the hostel we will arrange this. Overnight at Skäralids Camping & Hostel where a lovely breakfast is served the following day. The package is flexible and you are the guest who decides the layout.

The hiking package includes:

  • A packed lunch that is picked up at Skäralids Restaurang
  • 3-course dinner incl. light drink at Skäralids Restaurant before noon. 17 pm
  • Overnight stay in a double room Bed & Breakfast with shared bathroom at Skäralid Hostel. You will come to bedding on arrival with your towel in your room, enjoying the buffet breakfast served in the Gula Villa and having departure cleaning included. Check-in time is from 16 pm or by arrangement. Check-out by noon 11 am

Price: 1950 SEK for two persons (2 nights stay 2900 SEK)
Contact us for family price.

It is also good to connect to their own private guide:

Book via:, 070-244 20 85.

Hiking package Söderåsen

The hiking trails on Söderåsen are perfect for those who want to experience a fantastic and varied nature on foot. Starting from the hostel in Skäralid, it is possible to plan a proper day trip to the hostel in Klåveröd. The selection of leads is many and there is much to discover on the way. With the hiking package you stay two nights comfortably with Bed & Breakfast and get lunch packages to take with you on the hike. One evening you enjoy good dinner buffet with tastes from Söderåsen from Skäralids Restaurang.

Price for two persons: SEK 2995

Read more about this hiking package here.

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